CRANKSHAFTS for Yamaha and Piaggio

CRANKSHAFTS for Yamaha and Piaggio

POLINI FOR RACE CRANKSHAFTS for Yamaha and Piaggio 50cc Scooter

Always with the same philosophy of improving the quality and the performance of the original spare parts, here they the new Polini FOR RACE crankshafts.

The Polini FOR RACE crankshafts are developed to increase the resistance.  The rod has been increased and strengthened to better stand powerfull engines.
They are perfectly equilibrated to reduce both the vibrations and the losses of power and they are heat-treated to improve the quality of resistance.
Safe and reliable, their assembly is recommended both with original and tune-up engines.

  • Item: 210.0047 Piaggio
  • Item: 210.0048 horizontal Yamaha
  • Item: 210.0049 vertical Yamaha

Public price euro 117,00+VAT

Made in Italy