Polini Motori always makes the best even better.

Faithful to its slogan, the company of Bergamo goes on with the development of the products dedicated to the e-bike world, and presents the evolution of the E-P3 electric motor. E-P3 MX is born, more powerful and performing than the previous one, it has been studied for the MTB and dedicated to the most exigent customers who look for more motor torque.

Thanks to the good job of research and development, Polini wanted to achieve the aim to have a motor for the off-road models, more resistant to external agents with 144mm central axle but without changing the overall dimensions and geometries in order to be installed on the frames already manufactured.

This leap forward gives the possibility to satisfy a market even more careful to the motor power and battery life.

The torque of the new E-P3 MX motor passes from 70Nm to 90Nm, increasing the motor power that the motor can exploit above all at low rpm.