Polini Hi-Speed Yamaha X Max 300

Polini Hi-Speed Yamaha X Max 300

POLINI HI-SPEED 12 rollers for Yamaha X Max 300

The design of the new 12 roller HI-Speed variator exploits all the horse power of the Yamaha X Max  E4 300ie engine.


The tests on the test bench have demonstrated that from 0 to 100 km/h there is an extraordinary increase of the acceleration without giving up the top speed which even increases.
The HI-Speed ​​kit is supplied with pulley, roller guide plate and 1 series of 7gr rollers.

The patented lubricating system enables exciting efficiency and performance without giving up maximum reliability.
Bush made of special casehardened chromed-nickel steel, tempered and ground. It has a big internal pocket that contains the grease, inside of which there is a special spring that allows a constant grease distribution on the pin even during the hardest conditions of use.
The 12 rollers have a coating made of a new mixture of nylon and aramidic fibers.

Polini Hi-Speed Yamaha X Max 300: Code 241.741

Price for the public Euro 168,00 + VAT



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