Polini minibikes have been always considered the champions’ bikes, the best ones to start racing on tracks. Like Valentino Rossi, Marco Melandri, Toni Elias, Dany Pedrosa and many others who at their debut were part of the Polini minibike team.

They are 100% “made in Italy” and wholly produced in the “Polini Motori” factory located in Alzano Lombardo (Bergamo). Starting from 2016 Polini minibikes 910 CARENA RS, 4,2 hp and 6,2 hp air cooled, feature a 5-transfer cylinder and an exhaust system with total black silencer.

Easy and funny to drive for those who start this sport, they become racing, “bad” and extraordinary performing for those who have already acquired a good experience in the races and ask for the maximum power. The Polini minibikes 910 CARENA RS are extraordinary handy, steady and safe when entering the curves because they are perfectly balanced and with the best weight distribution.


  • Air cooled 2 stroke aluminium cylinder
  • Displacement: 39,7cc
  • Bore for stroke 36 x 39
  • Compression ratio 16,2:1
  • SHA 14-14 Carburetor
  • Pull start with self-winding cable
  • Electronic with inductive discharge
  • Dry with centrifuge counter weights
  • Black rechargeable silencer


  • Ø122 Rear and front brake disc.
  • Rear and front brake calipers with a sliding system driven by special bushes
  • The brakes are mechanic.FRAME
  • The frame is die-cast in light alloy with double diagonal trellis.
  • Stiff fork with Inox steel legs.
  • Lenght 945 mm.
  • Fairing width 240 mm.
  • Seat height 400 mm
  • Front tyre 90/80-5 or 90/65-R6,5
  • Rear tyre 90/80-5 or 110/50-R6,5
  • Tank 1,8 Litres
  • Weight 18 Kg.Public price starting from euro 999,00 + VAT