Polini makes the best even better!


The company of Bergamo, leader in the production of special parts for 2 and 4 stroke engines and always committed in the races, last week-end took part with great success in the second edition of the Pomposa 500 Endurance. A race born from the passion of Stefano Bono and Twentybridge ASD’s passion for Vespa and Lambretta, who wanted to propose a new challenge of 500 km at Pomposa track.

It has been a “Le Mans” style race and Polini team participated with Matteo Tiraferri, Martin Mihael, Christian Mammi, who alternated in rounds of 40/45 minutes each on a Small Frame Vespa entirely tuned by  Polini.

More than 6 hours of competition that have been a very important test too for some new products: the Evolution fork complete with swinging arm, some parts  of the primary gear, gearbox and cruciform gear selector, but above all the engine with the new cylinder and d.60 crankshaft, 54stroke  and 150cc displacement, which soon the company will present to the public.

Since the first lap it has been a thrilling race, a high level challenge, with the Polini team very careful to the riders’ needs and always ready for the refueling under the watchful eye of the pit controllers. The team was firmly in third place, after about two hours the team took the second place after a Lambretta.

In the end, in a race with many twists and turns and numerous excellent withdrawals, after 317 laps (500 km), the Polini Team made the difference, achieving an extraordinary victory in the Vespa Proto category and the second absolute position behind only Lambretta.

Excellent fourth position in the “Derivate” class for the Vezzola Racing team, racing with an engine equipped with a cast-iron Polini kit.