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Are you ready to prepare your Vent –HM 5O? Do it with Polini and the You tuber Edoardo Jannone!
The popular two-wheels Italian influencer with almost 500K followers will tell you how to customize your bike in a mini-series made in cooperation with Polini!
Follow the series with the English and French subtitles!
Enjoy the show!

Polini Italian Cup 2020

Update on May 22nd


Moto Club Bergamo and Polini Motori inform all their followers about the last update concerning Polini Italian Cup 2020.

Today May 22nd, we have been obliged to cancel the third race scheduled on June 21st   at Ottobiano circuit.

Everybody would like to start the Polini Italian Cup as soon as possible, respecting all the government and sanitary directives that will be communicated by the authorities..

There are still 3 races in calendar.