Everything is ready for the new 2022 sport season!

Polini Motori “grows up” and is pleased to present the 18th edition of the Polini Italian Cup. The calendar of the number one scooter championship in Italy, open to all trainers, a reference point all over Europe with the participation of numerous foreign riders, will count five stages organized together with the Moto Club Bergamo and will always be with the support of the FMI.

The calendar:

  • 10th April LATINA
  • 1st May POMPOSA (FE)
  • 5th June OTTOBIANO (PV)
  • 10th July OTTOBIANO (PV)
  • 18th September POMPOSA (FE)


Lots of news, both technical and regulation.

First of all, the great return of the 70 Evolution category, which will thus bring the championship classes to 4:
– 70 Evolution
– 70 Amateurs
– 70 Super Sport
– 100 Big Evo Open

The top 7 in the 2021 Amateur category will automatically move on to Super Sport.

In addition, the 2021 rankings will be analyzed to better group the riders of the same level and make the categories more homogeneous and competitive.


Further technical updates

– Obligation, for all classes, to use the new Polini fork item 050.2655 by regulation. The choice is aimed at the safety of the pilots in the race.

– For the 3 categories 70cc, RIDER WEIGHT + SCOOTER / CARBURETOR:

  • From 140 to 150 kg carburetor Ø19
  • From 150 to 160 kg carburetor Ø24 equal
  • Over 160 kg carburetor Ø28


The official tires’ supplier is PMT with the availability of two mixtures. In the case of dry asphalt it will be mandatory to use a single brand, while in wet conditions the choice of tires will be free.

  • AMATEUR category – 2 tires per day of competition
  • SUPER SPORT category – 3 tires per day of competition
  • 70 EVOLUTION category – free quantity of tires
  • 100 BIG EVOLUTION category – free quantity of tires


Mixtures available:

  • 90/90-10 SOFT and MEDIUM mixtures
  • 100/90-10 MEDIUM and HARD mixtures
  • 100/90-12 SUPER SOFT AND SOFT mixtures
  • 120/80-12 SOFT and MEDIUM mixtures


Furthermore, for all novice drivers, but also for the more experienced ones, the Polini Scooter Training is born. At each round of the calendar a team of experienced professionals in the sector will hold a briefing to explain how to improve driving techniques on the track and set up your vehicle to make it more competitive.

Info Moto Club Bergamo: info@motoclub.bergamo.it – ​​www.motoclub.bergamo.it