Polini Italian Cup 2024

Polini Italian Cup 2024

Polini Italin Cup 2024: Latina opens the season


With the first competition on Sunday, 14th of April on the track of Sagittario, in Latina, the 2024 season of the Polini Italian Cup has officially begun. A day full of battles and challenges up to the last inch of asphalt. Together with the riders of the Polini Italian Cup, also the protagonists of the Polini South Cup took the field, starting therefore their first meeting of the season.

Polini Italian Cup 2024 : 70 Amateurs and 70 South Amateurs South

Unified grid for the 70 Amateurs and the Polini South Cup category 70 Amateurs. In Competition 1, not a brilliant start for Marco Modesti, third at the first corner behind Davide Armanio and Mattia Cielo. The race continues with the riders at the same positions until Armanio makes a mistake thus opening the way to Cielo. Modesti picks up the pace and sticks to its taillight until he overtakes him and wins by margin.
In Competition 2, a good start for Armanio who leads the race ahead of Cielo and Modesti. The three riders perform a real challenge and swap positions throughout the race. Towards the end, Modesti makes a mistake that takes him off track and Cielo wins, followed by Armani.

Day podium: Cielo, Armanio, Leporati
Day podium South: Modesti, De Luca, Notarangelo

Polini Italian Cup 2024 : 70 Supersport

The two runs have highlighted a great balance in the category, with several drivers able to fight for the victory. So, spotlights on the 70 Supersport that gave the public exciting challenges and hard-fought races, keeping the spectators in suspense until the last corner. In the first run Michael Bertini wins over Manuele Fulgeri and Daniele Rossi. In the second run, it’s up to Lorenzo Leonardi to get the first place ahead of Simone Canali and Andrea Visani.

Day podium: Leonardi, Bertini, Fulgeri

Polini Italian Cup 2024 : 70 Evolution e 70 Evolution South

In the 70 Evolution Class, the Competition 1 is signed by Giuseppe Iannini, who leads the race from start to finish with no failure. Behind him, Danny Raccagni fights for the second place but looses ground and ends the competition at the sixth place; Simone Lanzilao crosses the finish line at the second place ahead of a fantastic Marko Mihael who recovers positions and wins the third place. Competition 2 is dominated by the Slovenian riders; Iannini falls and paves the way to the challenge among the Mihael brothers, who will end first and second, and Luka Koren who will win the third place.
Day podium: Mihael Marko, Lanzilao, Mihael Martin
Day podium South: Curino, Carbonara, Donnaloia

Polini Italian Cup 2024 : 100 Big Evo Open and 100 Sport

Unified grid for the 100 Big and for 100 Sport Class too.
In the first run, Ignacio Roman starts very well, followed by Matteo Tiraferri. Corsi unfortunately loses ground despite a good start. The race is between the Spanish rider and the Team Polini rider who do battle and distance from the other competitors. A chilling ending at the last lap: Roman and Tiraferri overtakes each other several times until the Spanish rider wins his first podium of the season. Nico Morelli ends at the third place.
In Competion 2, Roman starts well. Corsi stands up to him until he falls; he will then get up and end the race at the fifth position. Roman conquers the head of the competition, followed by Tiraferri and Birtele. Final sprint to the photo finish with victory of Birtele ahead of the team Polini rider and Roman.
Day podium 100 Big: Roman, Tiraferri, BIrtele
Day podium 100 Sport: Cianfarani, Parravano, Urbano