Julio 2016

Julio 2016


To tell the truth: such scooter championship in Italy and in Europe doesn’t exist; a scooter champion that is open to all trainers and the technical commercial competitors of Polini, offering expert young riders to be in the spotlight, spectacular balanced races, full of passion and enthusiasm till the end, participants able to gamble the victory through continuous position changes. This is Polini Italian Cup, the Italian scooter championship organised by Moto Club Bergamo. The fourth race of Polini Italian Cup 2016, that has taken place on Pomposa track during the second “hot” weekend of July, proposed magnificent races, embellished with a new big participation of foreign riders and the super Corsi. Corsi got on top of podium in the illustrious Scooter 70 Evolution Open at the end of an engrossing contest with the team mate Matteo Tiraferri and his determined adversary Alessandro Blando. Positive feedback about the riders at starting grid; Scooter 70 Evolution Fans has 30 participants, the Slovene Marko Mihael won again. The final of season is very interesting; first, in September on the track of Cecina (LI), then, in October, for the last round on Tazio Nuvolari track, in Cervesina (PV).



In Race 1, the Dutch Sarik Roufs is the quickest, but he fell head over heels during the first lap and so paved the way for Tiraferri, while Blando was chased by Corsi and Penzo. Daniel Penzo is very fast, but makes a mistake and leaves free way for Tiraferri, followed by Corsi and Blando. Behind the three leading riders, there’s a good fight between Castellini and Penzo, coming back. Tiraferri grows such an advantage so that he can obtain an easy win, after preceding Corsi and Blando.

In Race 2 Blando sprints before Tiraferri and Sarik Roufs, who wants to recover after the fall in Race 1. During the start phase Tiraferri and Penzo lose ground from the front group. Roufs takes control of the race and is followed by Blando, Castellini and Corsi, who comes back. Corsi, after getting the chance to obtain the absolute victory of the day, assails the team mate Castellini and the rival Blando and quickly gets the second position. So he grows his pace and attacks Roufs, too. Once on pole position, he wins.



Splendid double success for the Slovene Marko Mihael, who starts in Race 1 from first position, on the first row and drags Niccolò Cionna and David Manfrin. Cimatti is very quick too, third on starting grid thanks to qualifying practice. Cimatti recovers to the second position and gains ground behind Mihael, but on the fifth lap he slides and opens the way for Cionna and Manfrin, who will get to finish line on second and third place, behind Mihael.

In Race 2, Mihael highlights his supremacy before Manfrin and Cionna. Manfrin, while trying to attack, makes a mistake and is bound to withdraw. The front group is led by Mihael, alone, and Cionna. Behind, the duel is between Mazzini and Cimatti; the two collide with each other and consequently fall. Race 2 ends with the victory of Mihael before Cionna and Mantovani.



In Race 1 the little front group sprints from the first row; it is composed of Alessandro Fabbri, Matteo Tortosa and Marco Caddeo. The three put out to sea, Fabbri makes a mistake and lets Tortosa and Calce go away. Fabbri will finally manage to end on third position and impose the balance of this class between him, Tortosa and Calce.

In Race 2 Fabbri seeks to distance Tortosa and Caddeo. Calce enters the fray and takes the third position behind Fabbri and Tortosa, who’s come to lead the race. After a sequence of rapid laps and violent brakes, Tortosa wins before Fabbri and Calce.



In Race 1 the pole man Mathieu Bessard quickly starts, before Botti and Lazzoni. At start Lazzoni, who took control, slides and lets the defy go on between Botti, Bessard and Calonaci, the protagonists of a ceaseless change of positions that makes the race even more magnificent. At start Botti prevails over Calonaci and Bessard.

Bessard in Race 2 takes the leadership of the race, followed by Lazzoni and Maione. The three riders raise the pace, Maione assails Bessard and heads the race. Lazzoni nullifies his own efforts by falling and ending in the rear. The chequered flag sanctions Maione’s victory before Bessard and Botti.



Nico Morelli is the quickest on the start of Race 1 before Bartolini and Righetti. The three seek to escape while Righetti, in an attempt to get into the fight for leadership, because of an hazardous overtaking, collides with the rear wheel of Bartolini and moves back to the last position. Julien Vitali draws near them and takes the third position, before Morelli and Bartolini. Vitali and Bartolini are bound to the definitive stop and so decree the victory of Morelli over Righetti and Alex Rota.

Morelli leads Race 2 and tries to impose his pace, chased by Bartolini and Righetti. Bartolini seems to be able to get to the race leadership, but has to withdraw. The race is steadily led by Morelli followed by Righetti. Vitali on the last lap launches a decisive attack and conquers the second position behind Morelli; Righetti is third.



In Race 1 Birtele leads the race, chased by Camera and Leaso. Benini is a bit late, but in a few bends he comes back and takes the second position before Camera, while Birtele tries to escape. At half-race, Camera nearly falls because of a contact with Mammi. They manage to stay on the saddle. Birtele makes a mistake and paves the way for Filippo Benini, who will end first before Lumina and Camera.

In Race 2 Birtele has a good sprint again and tries to raise the pace. Benini is second and Leaso is third. This one loses ground and lets Nazzareno Lumina recover from third row. The competition carries on with Benini’s assault over Birtele and the following escape, while Camera attacks Lumina. They end in the sequence: Benini, Birtele, Camera, Lumina is forth, Mammi fifth.