A weekend rich in sudden changes, emotions and hard-fought duels, on Sunday, September the 18th, on 1,280 metres of the Track of the Sea in Cecina, when the weather conditions finally awarded the specialists of wet asphalt bike setup. After the driving rain on Saturday, followed by a heavy storm on Sunday morning that hit all Tuscan coast and postponed the free practice start. The races in the afternoon took place in the best way, and gave a big show to the public who supported the local riders who didn’t disappoint their supporters. On the fifth round of Polini Italian Cup, organised by Moto Club Bergamo, was celebrated the first national cup 2016, won by the Slovene Marko Mihael, first in the two Races of Scooter 70 Evolution Fans.

VESPA 171 4T:


In Race 1 Alessandro Fabbri, Matteo Tortosa and Ivan Calce sprint from the first row. These three make off over the group and show overtakes and emotions. Fabbri tries to resist to Tortosa who will manage to win in the final sprint before Fabbri and Ivan Calce.

In Race 2 Tortosa sprints and distances from Martin Mihael. They seem to escape, but the rain makes the race insidious with Tortosa and Mihael who both get wrong. On the fourth lap Fabbri gets to first position, followed by Leporati, Bonanno and Paccagnella. Leporati emerges in the final and runs towards victory. In the fight for the remaining positions Calce ends second, while Mihael is third. Tortosa gets on the highest place of podium thanks to the fourth position of Race 2.



Race 1 is unluckily deprived of Matteo Tiraferri, injured during the opening race of Vespa 135 2T. Filippo Corsi sprints on first place and lonely flies to finish line, while in the initial phases the fight is between Schiappa, Roufs and Penzo. Blando comes to assail and gets second position, while there’s an open challenge for third position between Tarabella, Vignone and Castellini.

On Race 2 Filippo Corsi is newly off like a shot, followed by Blando and Tarabella. The Dutch Sarik Roufs is good at the beginning, overtakes Tarabella and launches himself to the second position of Blando, even though everyone has to deal with Vignone who can get the second position. In the final phases, a fall excludes Blando, Tarabella and the unlucky Castellini who cannot avoid the adversaries fallen in front of him. A new victory for Corsi before Vignone and Sarik Roufs.



In Race 1 Marko Mihael starts from pole position, chased by Marco Bagattini and Riccardo Frigè. Rossi is very good at recovering till second position and overtakes Bagattini and Frigè. These last two are the protagonists of a surprising contest, of a big show especially in the first part of the race. Mihael flies and distances all rivals, gets ten seconds advantage and keeps it till the chequered flag, where he precedes Rossi and Bagattini.

In Race 2 Marko is again the speedy rider before Bagattini and Rossi. Bagattini while trying to assault makes a mistake and is bound to a come back from the rear rows. The Slovene escapes more and more and gets 20 seconds advantage from the rest of the group. Excellent performance for Rossi and Falardi. Rossi ends second, while Mazzesi is third on final sprint over Falardi.



Given that the national classification leader Lumina is absent, injured on the second to last race of Civ in Imola, Polini Team deploys Matteo Tiraferri. In Race 1 Stefano Villa sprints before everybody. Behind the lines, Paolo Birtele tries to come back in a tough contest with Ivan Camera. Villa makes a mistake during the first lap and restart from the last position. The race control belongs to a little group, composed of Camera, Birtele and Benini, reached by Matteo Tiraferri who will give a great show with Birtele. On the second to last lap Tiraferri slides and paves the way to Camera who wins before Birtele and Benini.

In Race 2 Tiraferri can’t run because of the right clavicle fracture. Villa immediately tries to force the pace, but in the starting phase misses a brake and loses many positions while chased by Camera, Birtele and Benini. Birtele looks able to attack, but he will have finally to settle for second position behind Camera. Third is Filippo Benini.



In Race 1 Mattia Calonaci sprints from the pole. The Tuscan rider can keep control of race before Koren and Maione, as well as this one is assailed by Lazzoni and Botti. Koren slows down, goes backwards and leaves the way for Lazzoni and Maione, who gets second behind the uncatchable Calonaci.

In Race 2 Calonaci at once escapes, chased by Koren and Maione. Lazzaroni reaches the trio and these four keep very high pace all race long, through a continual positions change between Lazzoni and Maione, even though Calonaci will finally stand out again.



In Race 1 Starnone immediately takes control of race after getting the pole, despite Kneght and Vitali’s assaults. Righetti is ok but slides towards the rear rows for some mistakes. Again sudden changes; Vitali gets wrong and has to recover. The official Polini rider manages to finish on the third lap after an excellent come back behind Kneght and the winner Starnone.

In Race 2 Starnone is the speedy rider of the group, followed by Loia and Righetti. Starnone tries to impose his pace. But Righetti resists and even seems to undercut the first position until Vitali can enter the fray for the second position, Loia, meanwhile, goes backwards on the fifth lap. The pace is high and the couple Vitali-Morelli leads until the conclusion. The chequered flag sanctions the victory of Starnone before Vitali and Morelli.