New complete and universal Polini braking system

New complete Polini braking system

Polini Motori has the pleasure to present the new complete Polini braking system.

The Polini braking system includes:
– ø 11 right pump
– ø 13 left pump
– 4-piston brake caliper
– brake pipe
– M8x1 connection screw
– ø 10 adapter
– radial support for Piaggio Zip SP int. 84

4 piston brake caliper

The 4 -piston brake caliper is machined from a block and made of hard anodized aerodynamic aluminum.

The development of the brake calipers from 2 to 4 pistons has many advantages.

First of all it gives 30% additional friction surface on the brake pads.

This feature reduces the temperature peaks and consequently it gives more reliability  and longer life compared to the standard calipers.

Thanks to the ø 24  4 pistons an increase of the braking force is granted.

The design of the caliper has been studied to maximize its stiffness and to reduce the volume.

It can been installed both on the right and left side just inverting the connection with bleeding, both on the front and rear side.  Radial connection with 8mm screw, 84mm holes center distance. The Polini brake caliper is offered with sintered pads, but carbo-ceramic mixture pads are also for sale.

By using a dedicated support made by Polini, the brake caliper can be installed with the Piaggio Zip SP fork.

The caliper can be connected to the new Polini pumps and levels machined by a block made of hard anodized aerodynamic aluminum with 8mm union. It is possible to adjust the level position to adapt to the driver needs.

Available for sale the M8x1 connection screws too.

As an alternative it is possible to purchase the adaptor for pipes with 10mm connection.

100% Made in Italy

ø 11 right pump – item 178.0101 – Public price euro 168,00 + VAT
ø 13 left pump – Item 178.0102 – Public price euro 168,00 + VAT
4-piston brake caliper – item 178.0001 – Public price euro 155,00 + VAT

Brake pipe – item 178.0301 – Public price euro 59,00 + VAT
M8x1 connection screw – Item 178.1001 – Public price euro 9,00 + VAT
ø 10 adapter – item 178.1002 – Public price euro 12,00 + VAT
radial support for Piaggio Zip SP int. 84 – item 178.0201  – Public price euro 159,00 + VAT