New Polini Evolution kit for Vespa

New Polini Evolution kit for Vespa

New Polini Evolution kit for Vespa 125 2T Primavera ET3

Polini Motori presents the new Evolution kit with rotating valve inlet for Vespa 125 Primavera ET3.

An absolute novelty that has been tested not only in the test bench and in the racing department, but also on the occasion of the 500 km Endurance of Pomposa by the Polini Team, which confirms its reliability and stress resistant.

It has very high-power characteristics in every condition of use and in every type of competition.

The Evolution kit with rotating valve inlet can be installed on all types of Vespa 125 with original dimension crankshaft. It is also available a Polini crankshaft, item 210.0033, with connecting rod machined from the block, advanced and balanced to be mounted while maintaining the original 51mm stroke.

In addition to the original manifold, it is possible to mount the Polini manifolds with 2 or 3 holes according to the crankcase. Furthermore, a manifold has been specially developed to be combined with Polini PWK carburetors available in 24/26/28 sizes.

To achieve maximum performance it is recommended to mount  it with the Polini For Race muffler item 200.0424.


The cast iron cylinder has a 58mm diameter bore. “Racing” distribution diagram. Six transfer ports. The piston, cast by gravity in light alloy, is equipped with two cast iron S10 chromed piston rings. The head is cast in one piece and to increase heat dissipation additional fins have been added under the head plane. The compression ratio has been devised to achieve maximum performance.

Item: 140.0050/E

Public price €315 + VAT

100% Made in Italy