POLINI EVOLUTION FORK for Piaggio ZIP SP – Vespa small frame: safe on the track

The Polini Evolution fork for Piaggio Zip and Vespa small frame is born from the needs to improve safety during the Polini Italian Cup races. The OEM fork presents great structural limits: here it comes the idea to manufacture a fork made of electro-welded steel at high thickness without any aluminum part.


The central part has been designed with modern 3D CAD. It is made using shaped precision casting and afterward it is worked using sophisticated  5-axle CNC machines. It has powder coating, corrosion resistant and weather-proof.

Dimensions have been decided to give stability and dynamicity when driving. It resists to sudden brakes and conical bearing can be installed both in the upper side and in the lower side to give more precision when steering  and to avoid failures of the ball-bearing fifth wheel.

The scooter attitude is adjustable. Some shims are supplied to low the front axle and achieve different settings.

The total weight is 1.1 kgs over the original one. The scooter-driver’s barycenter has a more comfortable position and it avoids excessive sealings on the scooters.

To make the shock-absorber assembly easier, above all on the race tracks, beside the standard housing of 13 mm hexagonal screws, some elastic pins have been added to keep the screws in its position.

Fork is supplied with the steering dumber plate and bracket to fix the cable to be welded in the required position. The ZIP mudguard support that is fixed with the screws, make it easy to remove it and install different mudguards models.

For easy assembly and disassembly of the original suspension arm, a small kit including stoppers and pin with small end bearing is supplied in the package.

The fork can be installed on the Vespa small frame too after modifying the steering dumper. For this application we recommend using Polini steering dumper item 050.2656


Fork – Item 050.2655 – Public price  Euro 327,00 +  VAT

Lower conical bearing – Item 050.2657 – Public price  Euro 24,00 +  VAT

Upper conical bearing – Item 050.2658 – Public price  Euro 48,00 +  VAT

Vespa small frame steering dumper – Item: 050.2656 – Public price  Euro 56,00 +  VAT


100% Made in Italy



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