Polini ignition for Piaggio mopeds

Polini ignition for Piaggio mopeds

For a product in which it is increasingly difficult to find original spare parts, Polini is also attentive to the details that can make the difference.

For this reason it introduces the 12 volt electronic ignition intended for all Piaggio mopeds with electronic ignition.

The assembly is simple and plug in, therefore no adjustments are needed.

Polini proposes the installation with two balancing flanges (to be purchased separately), which allow the ignition to be always balanced and without any vibration:

  • 171.0679 (flange for assembly on engines with original crankshaft)
  • 171.0680 ((flange for assembly on engines with full circle crankshafts

The flywheel with rare earth magnet is lighter, with a mass of inertia lower than others on the market, and allows for a better housing than the competition. This means that the fan is larger, and therefore allow for greater cooling.

Very important technical characteristics, which guarantee better acceleration, facilitated cooling and grittier performance.

Polini ignition for Piaggio mopeds Item: 171.0556
Public price Euro 368+VAT
100% Made in Italy