Polini kit for Vespa 300 GTS –Beverly


With the help of the technology used for the Formula 1 engines, Polini Motori has designed a new cylinder kit that wants to be a point of reference for Piaggio 300 engines tuning.

Thanks to the special barrel made of steel with Nicasil coating and to the “HTR” ring (High Turbulence Ring) it has been possible to increase the bore to 77mm, bringing the displacement from 278 cm3 to 294 cm3: an incredible explosion of power for your scooter engine.

The Polini cylinder kit for vespa 300 GTS and Beverly can be installed without any modification to the crankcase and to the original head.

Exclusive detail in the scooter market is the “HTR” ring that above improving the squish effect, it allows a larger supporting surface of the head gasket, granting great reliability of this part.

The piston has a wider skirt to resist to the side shifting generated by the coil; the combustion chamber, machined from the piston top, has been designed to have the best compression ratio with wide squish lines that match to the original head.

For the proper working it is mandatory to install the ECU too available for the Euro 3- 4 models (item 171.0015) and for the Euro 5 model (item 171.0017).

With the new kit the performance is tangible just al low rpm and the engine is powerful at all the rpm.

Polini Kit For Vespa 300 GTS –Beverly Euro 3/4/5: Item 140.0230
Public price euro 618,84 + VAT
100% Made in Italy