Polini Silentblock for Vespa Small Frame

Polini Silentblock for Vespa Small Frame

The new Polini Silentblocks have been manufactured to meet the needs of Vespa Small Frame’s owners.


As engines age, replacing original components becomes increasingly frequent and complex. However, thanks to Polini Silentblocks for Vespa, the replacement process is easier and more effective.


Main features of the Polini Silentblocks for Vespa:

  1. Easy assembly: they are designed to make the installation process extremely simple compared to the original parts. Now replacing the Silentblocks is an operation easy for everyone, guaranteeing quick and smooth assembly.
  2. Universal compatibility: they adapt perfectly to all crankcases currently on the market, offering a versatile and reliable solution for Small Frame Vespas.
  3. Vibrations reduction: thanks to advanced technology, Polini Silentblocks significantly reduce engine vibrations, improving driving comfort and durability of all components.
  4. Increased manoeuvrability: the reduction of vibrations not only improves driving comfort, but also increases the overall manoeuvrability of the Vespa, allowing for more precise and safe driving.
  5. Anti-petrol rubber: made with high quality and durable rubber, they are designed to resist the corrosive effects of petrol over time.

The Polini Silentblocks for Vespa are available in two models with different hardnesses:

  • 65 Shore, ideal for daily driving in Touring/sports conditions.
  • 80 Shore, intended for Racing use and for tuned engines.

Item:  214.0142 Silentblock Polini shore 80
Public price Euro 72,00 + vat

Item: 214.0143 Silentblock Polini shore 65
Public price Euro 65,00 + vat

100% Made in Italy