Polini in the Guinnes World record!

Polini in the Guinnes World record!

A unique victory, which is to say a real record.

One year ago the challenge: Polini Motori and the journalist Valerio Boni achieved together an exceptional Guinness World Record.

The “24h Polini Minibike” received the official record from the association, which certified the success of the enterprise.

24 hours riding a minibike to cover as many kilometers as possible.

On the 7 Laghi track in Castelletto di Branduzzo (PV), Valerio, helped by the Polini team’s STAFF, recorded the record of 751.488 km thanks to a total of 1236 laps. Using a single Polini 910 Carena RS HP 6.2 minibike after 24 hours, 17 stops for refueling, 1 front and 3 rear tires change, 1 new chain, 2 pairs of new pads and 1 clutch, the checkered flag set the new record.

It’s Guinness World Record!