Polini Unlimited Speed-Traction Control for Yamaha TMax 560

Polini Unlimited Speed-Traction Control for Yamaha TMax 560

The new Polini Unlimited Speed-Traction Control device for Yamaha T-Max 560 allows to disable the speed control present on the new generation of the TMax and, at the same time, to deactivate the traction control.

When the scooter is equipped with special parts that increase the performance and engine rpm, it goes closed to the engagement limit of the original assistance and it causes the cut of the current with consequent engine power reduction.

Thanks to the Polini Ulimited Speed-Traction Control, it is now possible to deactivate automatically the traction control when starting your scooter, thus granting smooth and regular performance.

The assembly does not require any cable cutting or wiring modification. The ON/OFF button allows to activate and to deactivate the device and to reset the scooter to the original factory configuration.

Item: 171.0401

Public price: Euro 243,00 + VAT

100% Made in Italy

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