Polini Italian Cup

Polini Italian Cup


Extraordinary, limitless, perfect: it’s the sixth national title of Scooter 70 Evolution Open, conquered by Matteo Tiraferri after the titles won in 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2015. The definitive consecration of a boy who, after winning all on minibikes of Polini, proved to be a champion in this sector, since he moved to scooters, with Polini Team. To him, his passion for track races is a lifestyle, to grow professionally as a rider and a technician of Factory Racing of Bergamo. Last weekend, on the circuit of Pomposa, while rain was affecting qualifying practices in the morning and the hot sun affecting the races in the afternoon, Tiraferri was flawless. In all the remaining classes, all will be decided in the last race in Cervesina (PV) on the fast circuit Tazio Nuvolari.


In Race 1, Penzo is off like a rocket, followed like a shadow by Tiraferri. They both put on a spectacular sequence of overtakings: Penzo takes back the first position but Tiraferri doesn’t give up and still keeps on being at his heels and putting him under pressure. On the seventh lap, Penzo makes a little mistake on the straight line and opens the way for Tiraferri who starts distancing. Behind, Castellini ends on third position and performs a sequence of fast laps.

In Race 2, Penzo leads again, followed by Tiraferri and the Dutch Roufs. Tiraferri once puts Penzo under pressure and on a heartbeat final overtakes him by a sprint on finish line. Castellini is still third.

VESPA 185 4T:

In Race 1, the challenge for the first position between Tortosa and Caddeo. They both keep on leading the race for ten laps, until the chequered flag where they end in that sequence. Third position for Baglioni.

In Gara-2 nuovo scatto fulmineo di Tortosa e Caddeo con quest’ultimo che prova a mettere pressione all’avversario pensando anche alla classifica di campionato, dove Tortosa ha il doppio zero per non aver partecipato alla prova di Latina. Davanti alla bandiera a scacchi transitano nell’ordine Tortosa, Caddeo e un sorprendente Baglioni.

VESPA 135 2T:

In Race 1, Benini sprints before all, chased by Villa and Larcher. The official rider of Polini Team forces the pace until he wins lonely over Villa and Larcher.

In Race 2, a new challenge between Benini and Villa; Larcher is third. The three riders run at high speed and at half-race they bump into one another and cause their triple fall and their immediate new start. Benini suffers from a shoulder pain, but ends the race anyway. Villa wins before Larcher and Vidone. On the day podium, in the sequence: Larcher, Benini and Vidone.


In Race 1, Starnone is the “hare”, pursued by Blando, Morelli and Corsi who speeds up on the second lap and gets right behind Starnone. The pace of the two leading riders is impressive, Corsi on the fifth lap assails and overtakes Starnone and lonely wins. Behind them, the fight between Righetti, Morelli and Vitali for the third place, while Blando loses some positions and ends after the top ten.

In Race 2, Loia and Gabellini in the rear rows fall down. At the end of the first lap, Blando leads before Starnone and Corsi. Blando tries to run away, but Corsi pursues him and forces the pace. Behind, the fight between Starnone and Vitali, while Morelli and Zani join them. Two laps to go, Corsi tries to overtake Blando at the end of the straight line, but he loses control and slides at high speed. He starts again and takes home 9 points anyway. Blando wins before Starnone and Vitali. On the podium of the day, in the sequence: Starnone, Corsi, Blando.


In Race 1, Mantovani has a good start and finds the right pace to distance Lorenzini and win the phase. Lorenzini runs a lonely race, Raccagni ends third at the end of a wonderful come back. Fourth position for Falardi and fifth for De Rossi.

In Race 2, Mantovani leaves behind Lorenzini and increases his pace, but Lorenzini resists. They both engage a tough duel with Mantovani ,who in the final nullifies his own efforts and leaves the way for Lorenzini towards the victory, before Raccagni and Falardi, and the day parade is the following: Lorenzini, Raccagni, Falardi.


In Race 1, the Slovenian Marko Mihael comes to lead and tries to distance, but on the second lap he makes a mistake and nullifies his good start. Koren and Lazzoni hold the reins of the race, chased by the duo Picciallo-Beghelli. On the penultimate lap, the surprise: a contact between Beghelli and Picciallo opens the way for Cimatti to the third position, while the victory goes to Koren, before Lazzoni.

Marko Mihael in Race 2 is again the fastest, so that he can distance Picciallo, Koren, Calce, Cimatti, Martin Mihael and Lazzoni. Lap after lap, the Slovenian grows a good advantage which allows him to get a win by preceding his brother Martin Mihael and Cimatti. Koren before Lazzoni and Cimatti are on the day podium.