Abril 2016

Abril 2016


Here is the tricoloured scooter of the highest level, since it is available for all sports trainers and riders, who are free to choose the special products to work with. A championship we can describe as amazing, beautiful, hard-fought, well-balanced, rich in absolute protagonists in each and every class, perfectly organised by Moto Club Bergamo. We’re speaking about Polini Italian Cup 2016, that reached the twelfth edition, at the weekend of the 3rd of April, in the new circuit of Sagittario in Latina. A meeting that offered the absolute debut of the new class Vespa 4 Tempi 171 which confirmed the extraordinary technical performances of the special products by Polini, designed and developed with high level performing features in the races and for the most demanding Vespa 4T riders.



In Race 1 Vignone is the quickest at start line, before Tiraferri and Filippo Corsi. The trio tries to escape; but Corsi takes the wrong trajectory while getting out of the start straight line and loses some positions, when Blando and Tiraferri give birth to a thrilling duel. Vignone and Castellini follow on third and fourth position. Vignone gets close to the leading couple, but at the end of a long sequence of risky overtakings, Tiraferri wins while preceding Vignone, Blando and, a bit farther, Castellini.

In Race 2 Tiraferri immediately reaches the head of race before Vignone and Corsi; Blando stands out of the group and starts a tough contest with Tiraferri and Vignone. Positions continuously change through “forced” but correct overtakings, that allow Blando to prevail through a final sprint over Tiraferri and Vignone; Tiraferri gets the absolute victory of the day.



In Race 1 Fabbri starts from pole, followed by Calce and Tortosa. Camorcia tries to recover and goes from fifth to fourth position, but he’ll be bound to withdrawal. Calce and Tortosa distance the other riders and after fighting for a long time end in that sequence. Third is the regular Alessandro Giacometti.

In Race 2 Calce gets the leading position, followed by Tortosa and Giacometti. Fabbri and Giacometti are competitive and give emotions in the fight for the third position. Calce has been leading for nine laps, even though Tortosa in the last part of the race succeeds to win on the final sprint by a whisker. Giacometti is third.



Race 1 is a chaos, Starnone leads after getting the pole position, even though Morelli is trying to stand out, while Vitali and Bartolini show their speed. After a few laps, sudden changes: Del Sorbo gets out, Morelli slides on the ninth lap and paves the way for Vitali, Bartolini and Starnone. Bartolini overtakes Vitali on the last lap and gets the victory.

In Race 2 the two outsiders Starnone and Del Sorbo have a good start, but a slide make them go backwards. Morelli is on leading position and starts a lonely escape before Vitali and Righetti; Bartolini is fourth and Scribano fifth. The race ends with Morelli’s victory and the highest place on the podium for Vitali.



Beautiful engaging Races, whose first part is dominated by Davide Grossi, followed by Cionna and Marko Mihael, who shows to have a good pace. During the first laps, Grossi loses ground and goes two positions backwards. Three riders are leading now the race, the Slovene Mihael preceding Maione and Cionna. Unlimited overtakings between the two first riders, even though Maione gets the win before Mihael and Cionna.

In Race 2 Marko Mihael is again very fast and drags Grossi and Cionna. After few laps, Grossi falls and leaves the race to the leading couple, composed of Mihael and Maionne. These two never have a rest from overtakings, and through a final sprint Maione has the best of Mihael and Cionna.



In Race 1 Lumina immediately runs away, chased by Benini and Ivan Camera. Lumina tries to go away while Benini, in an attempt to chase him, slides to the ground and paves the way to Camera and Birtele. Birtele recovers to second position and seems to threaten Lumina. Unfortunately for a rush he slides to rear positions. Lumina wins on final sprint, before Larcher and Camera.

In Race 2 Birtele is the quickest on start, followed by Lumina and Benini. After the first race segment, Lumina lets the leading group pass in front, that is to say Benini, Birtele and Camera. Overtakings between Benini and Birtele are continuous. Birtele makes a mistake and slides, so that he compromises his excellent performance. The win goes to Benini who is before Larcher and Camera.



In Race 1 Luka Koren has been the leader since the first lap, closely followed by Botti and Andrea Speziale. On the second lap, Botti goes to the head of race, before Koren and Speziale. But Koren falls to the ground and withdraws. Speziale is on pole position, but then falls with Romaniello. So Botti leads the group, followed by Pagliaccia, who will fall, too. Botti wins before Beghelli, who’s been recovering, and Mihael.

In Race 2 Botti quickly sprints, chased by Romaniello and Martin Mihael, who loses two positions. The duel fires up between Botti, Romaniello and Speziale, even though this one goes wrong. At finish line, we see Botti, Romaniello and Boon running in this sequence.