May 2016


Here it is, the most open, beautiful, complete, amazing, hard-fought National Scooter. This is the second race of Polini Italian Cup 2016, disputed on May the 1st, on Ottobiano circuit, an authentic challenge “made in Europe” among more than eighty riders coming from five nations, a wet race due to the unceasing storms, cold wind and sudden changes for many slides. So, the Dutch Sarik Roufs of the Dutch Team KNMV-EPC-Polini stood out; a real magician of rain who, thanks to his brave driving and extraordinary skill of exhausting the gas on the wet asphalt, got two clear wins in Race 1 and Race 2 and got on the highest place of podium in Scooter 70 Evolution Open, before the official rider of Polini Team Matteo Tiraferri and the newcomer in this class, Daniel Penzo. Twelve planned races, ten “European” riders, three Slovenes and three Belgians, two Dutch and two Swiss at starting grids. The second act of Polini Italian Cup has shown again the big success of the National Scooter, organised by Moto Club Bergamo and supported by Polini Motori, an excellent stage to offer the best to all sports trainers, competitors, of Polini and “fan” riders, who desire to contest at a high-quality Italian championship, since it is open to everybody.



With the best time in test races, Roufs Sarik gets off to a flying start in Race 1 and shows to have an irresistible pace, compared to his adversaries and he wins by five seconds advantage. Beautiful final fight between Penzo and Corsi, who tries to overtake, on the last lap, right on the second-to-last turn, but slides and ends up fifth, preceded by Vignone and Tiraferri.

There’s no fight in Race 2; Sarik takes the head of the race and wins by six seconds advantage over the couple Tiraferri-Corsi. Penzo is unlucky, who slides on the first laps and ends seventh. But anyway he is third on the podium.



Ivan Calce comes to lead Race 1, followed by Tortosa and Fabbri who have been trying to attack, for some laps, Calce, who will win the race undisturbed. Behind the three leading riders, Caddeo and Giacometti get into the spotlight, and Giacometti slides just on the penultimate lap.

In Race 2 he starts before Tortosa, Calce soon gains ground after a bad start, overtakes the rival and gets a new victory. Behind him, there’s a fight for the podium between Caddeo, Tortosa and Fabbri. On the last lap, a sequence of continuous position changes; Caddeo lets Fabbri and Tortosa overtake him, but Fabbri slides and pushes Tortosa to slow down. So Caddeo recovers to second position and precedes Fabbri. The podium of the day is the following: Calce, Fabbri, Caddeo.



Starnone in Race 1 sprints from pole position and firmly takes the leadership and gets undisturbed to finish line. Julien Vitali ends second and shows excellent qualities even on the wet ground, after the victorious race in Latina one month ago. Bartolini is third and precedes Sisti and Morelli.

In Race 2 Starnone sprints first again, but on the second lap slides and manages to restart from the rear lines. Vitali goes to first position but is victim of a slide, too. Sisti is good and takes advantage of the position changes and comes to lead the race, before Vitali and Bartolini, even though four laps to go he is overtaken by Vitali and Bartolini, who end in that sequence. Sisti consolidates his third position, but falls and ends on fifth position. On the podium, in the sequence, Vitali, Bartolini, Starnone.


Maione is absent, who won in Latina, so Race 1 is full of falls. Bagattini leads  until the end, where he precedes Falardi and the Slovene Mihael.

In Race 2 Mihael has a good start, even though a fall on the second lap excludes him from the fight for podium.


Villa is the quickest at the start of Race 1, followed by Birtele, who was on pole position. The two leading riders distance the others and give birth to a nice duel till the sixth lap, when Villa slides and leaves room to Birtele till finish line. Villa starts and ends on third position, preceded by Benini, and Lumina is fourth. A slide makes Camera slow down and ends fifth, before Piacentini and the winner of Latina, Larcher.

In Race 2, fight between Villa and Birtele even though Villa falls again on the third lap and starts once more from fifth position. Birtele flies to a new victory and leaves the fight for second place to Benini, Piacentini, Lumina and Villa. The group of four riders performs a big show, Benini at the end prevails over Piacentini. Camera is unlucky, slides to second lap. Birtele, Benini, Piacentini get on the podium.



In Race 1 the Swiss Mathieu Bessard sprints from pole and goes to lead before Pagliaccia, Romaniello, Mihael and Calonacci. Calonacci just overtakes Bessard on the eighth lap and wins. Behind the two, a continuous position change; Mihael, Pagliaccia and Romaniello slide. So Berlini is third, before the Dutch Ron Boon.

In Race 2 Bessard surprises everyone again. Pagliaccia tries to get close to the Swiss rider but falls and leaves the second position to Calonacci, who flawlessly precedes Botti on finish line, while Maione ends fifth because of a mistake. Bessard gets on the podium, followed by Calonacci and Boon.