Polini Italian Cup
Magione 04/02/2017


The racetrack of Spoleto is going to house the first race of the most qualified, amazing and balanced National scooter championship, for it is open to all trainers. This is Polini Italian Cup. The opening round was a red carpet for that kind of celebrating event, giving birth to a fascinating, hard-fought season, that is going to assign six cups, after a tough working winter-time. But the race in Magione was much more. The record number of participants almost touched the sum of 100, 36 of which run the race of Scooter 70 Evolution Fans, to reach and go beyond the speed of 155 Km/h on two long straight lines, which offered exciting games of trails, made the show even more captivating. A highly agonistic race, thanks to the changeable weather which allowed riders specially skilled in wet track to emerge in the final of races, defined “wet”. A mixture of colours and riders heated by the absolute victories of the day of Matteo Tiraferri (Scooter 70 Evo Open), Fabio Starnone (Scooter 100 Big Evo Open), Paolo Birtele (Scooter 70 Evo Fans Super Sport), Diego Falardi (Scooter 70 Evo Fans), Stefano Villa (Vespa 135 2T) and Matteo Tortosa (Vespa 185 4T).



In Race-1 Nicolò Castellini starts from the pole and drags into his trail his team mate Matteo Tiraferri and Daniel Penzo. These three immediately start to distance the group, Castellini prevails after an endless sequence of overtakings, so that he escapes from the duo Penzo-Tiraferri. Castellini dominates before Tiraferri and Penzo.

In Race-2 Tiraferri has excellent start in the rain. Castellini can’t be as fast as at the start in Race-1, so that he is preceded by Penzo, who anyway makes a mistake that pushes him to run for a long come back. The Dutch Sarik Roufs greatly stands out from the group and gains ground more and more, till the victory. Mauro Montagna, another specialist of rain, engages a magnificent duel with Tiraferri who can prevail and end on second place.



In Race-1 Cristian Galbiati sprints before everyone and precedes the poleman Mantovani and Falardi. Falardi tries to force the pace with Galbiati who runs to chase him, pushed by Mantovani, who moves back. Duels and play of trails for a challenge among four rivals, Galbiati, Falardi, Raccagni and Landucci, till finish line where Falardi wins over Raccagni and Galbiati.

In Race-2, lightning quick start of Galbiati before Landucci and Mantovani. Mantovani attacks and after many overtakings, reaches again leading position before Falardi, Galbiati and Tessaglia. After overtaking many adversaries, Mantovani wins over the rapid Tessaglia and the regular Galbiati.

VESPA 185 4T:


In Race-1 Matteo Tortosa starts and drags Marco Caddeo, Alessandro Capacci and Cuttitta. But the man to defeat is the Champion of 2016, Tortosa. The play of trails is fundamental: Tortosa is the quickest and wins before Caddeo and Capacci.

In Race-2 Caddeo is the fastest, chased by Tortosa and Cuttitta. The three riders force the pace while Caddeo seems to get the first victory. Tortosa starts to regain ground till the moment when he overtakes Caddeo and hits his first double victory in this season. Cuttitta gets third place.



Fabio Starnone starts from pole position and offers an interesting contest with Filippo Corsi and Paolo Gabellini, while Julien Vitali loses ground and has to recover from the last position. After a sequence of overtakings, Corsi gets the better of Starnone, who ends second, and takes a little advantage till the lonely victory. Third is Gabellini.

In Race-2 Corsi has a very good start and precedes Alessandro Blando and Fabio Starnone. These three are the protagonists of the initial phases ad force the pace. Corsi slides and goes to third position while trying to overtake Starnone and leaves the track to Starnone and Blando, while Gabellini gets an excellent fourth place.



In Race-1 Stefano Villa and Ivan Camera try to escape, followed by Cristian Mammi who keeps that pace. Aaron Larcher regains positions, while Camera is bound to withdrawal. Gianluigi Scalvini emerges from the group and will end second behind Villa.

In Race-2 Villa starts again and is followed by Camera and Scalvini. At the beginning of race Camera prudently leads and is overtaken by Scalvini who, lap after lap, regains many seconds from Villa. At finish line, Villa is first, before Scalvini and Larcher, who gets the better of Camera in the final.



In Race-1 Picciallo is the real leader of a group, in which Lazzoni and Rocco Russo take part, too. At half-race Birtele gets into the fight by taking third position behind Lazzoni. Benini surprises everyone in the final and wins before Picciallo and the newcomer Birtele.

In Race-2 Tognarelli is the quickest and right away tries to impose his pace in the driving rain. Birtele goes to second position before Luka Koren who makes a mistake and has to start again from rear rows. Lazzoni enters the fray and with Calce tries to stand out. At finish line Tognarelli wins before Birtele and Calce.