Polini Big Evolution for Minarelli AM6 100cc

Polini Big Evolution for Minarelli AM6 100cc

Polini Polini brings Minarelli AM6 engines to a new power level thanks the new 100cc cylinder kit together with the racing crankshaft and Evolution muffler.


Cylinder kit – Muffler:

Polini Big Evolution for Minarelli features a 94cc displacement with 52mm bore and 44mm stroke

This kit comes from the cylinder developed for the races on track.

The cylinder features an optimized distribution diagram to grant the maximum performance when using it at medium/high rpm. This characteristic lets its use both on karts circuits and during more extreme off road races. The barrel with nickel /siliceous coating has 6 transfers and the exhaust port with central bridge to keep under control the thermal expansion. The water tank is closed desk type and, together with the one-piece head internal ribs, improves the best heat disposal granting the maximum stiffness. The 13mm piston pin can support the engine high performance. To install it on the original crankcase, that does not require any boring or union, the use of an aluminum flange machined from a piece is needed.

The cylinder exhaust flange has been designed to be installed with the lowER Evolution muffler, allowing the best solution to exploit the cones to achieve the best performance. The final silencer is made of black anodized cylinder. The muffler pacackge includes a complete screws and brackets set thus to be easier to install according to the different frames models.

To offer the best serving Polini Motori supplies a rough aluminum exhaust flange too  for any muffler to be installed on 90cc engine with original cylinder connection.


Polini Big evolution for Minarelli is drawn up to be installed on the original 44nmm Corsa crankcase and connecting rod with 95mm of distance between centers, machined from a block with knife shape to give less resistance to the intake gasses.

Workings with very marrow tolerances and the use of high quality materials grants the perfect concentricity of the crankshaft and the maximum torsion resistance.

Cylinder kit: item 133.1012 – Public price Euro 378,00 +VAT

Muffler item: 200.0422 – Public price Euro 269,00 +VAT

Crankshaft item: 210.0069 – Public price Euro 449,00 +VAT


100% Made in Italy



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