Polini Italian Cup 2019 Pomposa


This competition of Polini Italian Cup enters more and more an International no-boundary context.  A “made in Italy” championship has proposed an amazing super challenge in the queen class – Scooter 100 Big Evolution – on the new circuit of Pomposa (FE); the defy is among the patrol of the three official riders of Polini Team, Filippo Corsi, Nicolò Castellini and Matteo Tiraferri versus the quick Dutch Sarik Roufs and the Spanish poleman Oliva Alcantara Juan, and the various Nico Morelli, Mattia Calonaci and the unlucky Alessandro Blando. Tiraferri got on top of podium in Pomposa, third in Race 1 and the winner in Race 2, thanks to a final that is worthy of a big champion, as Corsi has wisely decided not to make any mistakes, thus strengthening his leadership. “the important score I got today is a big satisfaction because since the beginning we took a step forward through the development of our scooters. The target was to win here and we completely hit that”, Tiraferri commented on the podium.


In Race 1, the Dutch Sarik Roufs sprints and leaves all behind, but after few bends Tiraferri and Corsi assail him and the Spanish Oliva gets close to the trio. Oliva sinks and goes to second position, but Tiraferri replies through a long sequence of overtakings and counter-overtakings with Oliva and Corsi. During the fourth lap, Roufs passes Tiraferri: the riders on challenge for victory are four. Tension is high and Corsi slips and opens the way for Roufs, who goes to win before Oliva, Tiraferri and Castellini, while Corsi ends eighth.


In Race 2, Castellini and Morelli fly and lead the race, but on the first straight line Corsi attacks Morelli and drags his team mate Tiraferri. Twist: Oliva falls in this laborious initial phase and has to start from the last position. Roufs recovers till the fourth position and gets behind the leading group composed of Corsi, Catellini, Tiraferri. Corsi would like to win to redeem himself from the fall of Race 1, but Tiraferri and Castellini do not leave his rear wheel. On the last bend, Tiraferri assails and passes Corsi and goes to win, as Castellini is third.

Day podium: Tiraferri, Roufs, Oliva.


In Race 1, Sauro is off like a shot, is followed by Caffagni and Marola and they distance the rest of the riders. It’s a heated challenge: Caffagni assaults Sauro, but can’t fulfil the break, as Iannini and Nardo chase them. Marola attacks Caffagni after the first laps and manages to get the second position. But Sauro makes a mistake on the final part of a bend and paves the way for Marola and Iannini, who meanwhile has passed Caffagni. Sauro recovers and gets third, behind Iannini and the winner Marola.


In Race 2 the quickest is Caffagni, aiming to make off. Behind him, Nardo appears, chased by Iannini and Marola. Sauro, who is bound to recover, gets close to the group. The two last laps are inflamed: Marola loses some metres while trying to pass the adversaries, thus ending fifth behind Sauro. Caffagni wins before Nardo and Iannini.

Day podium: Caffagni, Iannini, Marola.

VESPA 185 4T:

Fusto is the quickest at start in Race 1, Leporati and Baglioni have a big duel behind him. Fusto increases his advantage, as Leporati slips and leaves room for Baglioni and Iacucci. Behind Iacucci the race is not easy, because Russo and Paccagnella are unchained. The gaps increase and positions are constant: Fusto goes lonely to win, Baglioni is second and Russo is third.


In Race 2, Fusto is still the quickest. At his shoulders, hard bumps between Leporati and Baglioni. Tortosa enters the frail. Fusto runs away, as behind him Leporati is busy resisting Baglioni, who raids on the third lap and getting behind the rival. Russo gets into this group again and tries to assail Leporati. Fusto is first again preceding Leporati and Russo.

Day podium: Fusto, Russo, Leporati.


In Race 1, Gabriele Beghelli has very good start, chased by Martin Mihael and Raineri, who shortly goes to pole position, Mihael is second and Beghelli is third. Marko Mihael is with the leading group, but bad luck removes him from the fight. Raineri manages to make off, as in the chasing group Pagliai stands out and drags Koren and Beghelli. The chequered flag ratifies Raineri’s victory, before Mihael, Pagliai and Koren.


In Race 2 Cionna takes control, followed by Koren and Beghelli. After few laps, Koren goes to pole position before Cionna and Beghelli, as in the chasing group Martin Mihael emerges aiming to get a score in the classification. Beghelli seems to be the quickest. Meanwhile Mihael attacks Cionna, but touches the rival and gets out of the trail. The Slovenian doesn’t give up, so that he comes back over the rivals. Beghelli wins and precedes Mihael and Koren.

Day podium: Mihael Martin, Raineri, Beghelli.


In Race 1 Zani has very good sprint, Russo stands still at starting grid and re-starts from the last position. Zani forces the pace and gains precious metres over the rivals. Russo starts his come back and recovers in a short time till the fourth position. The defy between Iacucci and Tortosa is rich in position exchanges. Russo takes profit, cancels his gap and goes to second position. Zani has an unsustainable pace and wins before Russo and Tortosa on final sprint.


In Race 2 Russo has very good start, Zani is behind and attacks at the end of the straight line. Iacucci is third, followed by Tortosa. But Russo is penalised by 20 seconds for advanced start. Zani is very quick, behind him another defy between Tortosa and Iacucci. In the big final, Zani wins again, before Tortosa and Iacucci at the end of a beautiful battle. Day podium: Zani, Tortosa, Russo.