Polini For Race Muffler for Vespa

Polini For Race Muffler for Vespa Primavera small frame


After the Polini Original muffler and the Polini Evolution, the Company presents the latest novelty: the Polini For Race Muffler for Vespa Primavera.

It is a muffler designed to be mounted on all small frames: therefore also suitable for the Vespa 125, ET3 and 50 with the 130cc engine.

In fact, the flange allows it to be installed on almost all Vespa models and it is adaptable to most of the cylinders on the market.

Studied and built with the aim of increasing performance at medium and high revs, it guarantees new grit to the engine with performance up to 9.500/10.000 rpm compared to the 7.000 of the Polini Original.

A fundamental characteristic is the possibility of assembly without any type of modification. It is in fact a “plug and play” exhaust. It is possible:

– to mount it in the original body
– to mount it with any type of tire
– to keep the original top case in the Vespa ET3 version

Polini recommends mounting the Polini For Race Muffler for Vespa with high-performance Polini cylinders, therefore in aluminum, from 130cc to 150cc.

Item: 200.0424
Price to the public Euro 273 + VAT
100% Made in Italy