Polini for Piaggio Ciao and Si

Polini for Piaggio Ciao and Si

Polini Motori goes on with the latest news dedicated to the legendary Piaggio Ciao and Si.


The new Polini Ø 47 cast iron cylinder kit with 4 studs has been designed for a specific combination with the Polini For Race crankcase for all Ciao, Si, Bravo, Boss, Grillo mopeds.
The drilling involves the fixing of the cylinder by means of 4 studs that ensure a more efficient distribution of the stresses during operation and allow a centered discharge with the axis along which the washing process develops and a thin crossbar.
Further technical features: exhaust transfer with booster holes, one piston ring, head gasket in annealed aluminum. All these are important details that guarantee better performance.

For the assembly of the cylinder kit it is necessary to match the specific exhaust available at the end of 2023.

Polini for Piaggio Ciao and Si :
Power unit reference 140.0136
Public price 205,00€ + VAT

100% Made in Italy

The new Polini Ø 12 pin, full-circle crankshaft is offered in exclusive combination with the Polini For Race reed crankcase.

Ø 12 Polini For Race crankshafts for Piaggio Ciao and SI have a forged and copper-plated connecting rod and are supplied complete with the appropriate small end bearing.
They are balanced to reduce both vibrations and power loss and heat treated to increase strength features.
Polini For Race crankshafts are suitable for both 50cc and 70cc cylinder kits.

Polini for Piaggio Ciao and Si :
Crankshaft : item 210.0074
Prezzo al pubblico 219€+VAT

100% Made in Italy

For a product in which it is increasingly difficult to find original spare parts, Polini is also attentive to the details that can make the difference. For this reason it introduces the 12 volt electronic ignition intended for all Piaggio mopeds with electronic ignition. The assembly is simple and plug in, therefore no adjustments are needed. Polini proposes the installation with two balancing flanges (to be purchased separately), which allow the ignition to be always balanced and without any vibration:

  • 171.0679 (flange for assembly on engines with original crankshaft)
  • 171.0680 ((flange for assembly on engines with full circle crankshafts

The flywheel with rare earth magnet is lighter, with a mass of inertia lower than others on the market, and allows for a better housing than the competition. This means that the fan is larger, and therefore allow for greater cooling.

Very important technical characteristics, which guarantee better acceleration, facilitated cooling and grittier performance.

Polini ignition for Piaggio mopeds Item: 171.0556
Public price Euro 368+VAT
100% Made in Italy

Polini studies a new reed crankcase to house cylinders with 3 or 4 studs.

As per Polini DNA, the study and the production have the goal of increasing the performance, above all concerning the reed engines, which were born with limitations due to their original housing.

The intake of the Ciao is very reduced and only Ø15 carburetors can be fitted: with the new Polini reed crankcase For Race it is possible to mount carburetors up to Ø21 with an adequate flow, which allows better performance and greater grit to the engine.

The crankcase is made of die casting aluminium and has been studied to fit both Piaggio Si and Ciao. Both models need the pedals’ removal. The SI does not require a modification for the engine housing, but the Ciao needs to slightly enlarge the original frame opening.

The new Polini reed crankcase For Race for Piaggio Ciao and Si allows housing both 3 and 4 stud cylinders, but Polini suggests using 4 stud cylinders.

It is possible to assemble the new engine crankcase with the original electronic ignition, but Polini suggests using its own and full circle crankshafts.

The carbon reed valve has 4 petals, while the rubber manifold can be fitted both on Polini CP or DellOrto PHBG carburetors.

Part number: 170.0201
Public price: euro 246 +VAT
100% Made in Italy