TrackDayR is updated: now the videogame with Polini Vespa

TrackDayR is updated: now the videogame with Polini Vespa

The virtual driving emotions of 2stroke scooters never end!

The collaboration between MadCow and Polini Motori continues.

After the success of the Piaggio Zip Polini included in TrackDayR, the video game is now enriched with another incredible vehicle: the Polini Vespa.

The Vespa is an obligatory update, given the very high demand from gamers to also include the beloved Italian scooter.

TrackDayR, TDR, is a videogame different from all the other titles inherent in the world of two wheels. It is a game that offers the highest level of realism ever achieved, thanks to realistic physics and incredible graphics. All this translates into maximum game immersion and pure realism.

The TDR driving catalog is very extensive, in addition to the Polini Vespa and Zip, there are 4T and 2T motorcycles available, various Superbikes with multiple levels of preparation and Ohvale.

The user can enjoy the best National tracks and play 4 different modes:

TrackDay (solo turns) and Online (like a real Trackday);
TimeAttackR to hit your best lap and enter in a world ranking by challenging the fastest pilot;
RACE race mode vs artificial intelligence;
RACE multiplayer online race to challenge your friends

A feature that valorizes TDR is the open modding, which is the possibility for players with skills in 3D modelling of creating and adding models of bikes and circuits and share them with the community.

The videogame with Polini Vespa is available through the STEAM platform.