Polini Italian Cup Latina 13/05/2017

Polini Italian Cup Latina 13/05/2017


«I’m running fast” Vasco Rossi sang in the 80’s, but this was the most frequent sentence in the paddock talks of the majority of participants and teams on Sagittario track, in Latina, for the second round of Polini Italian Cup 2017, through the solid organization of Moto Club Bergamo. In fact, a new fantastic defy of the most important, qualified National Scooter of all Europe was staged on the 1,600 metres of the renewed circuit in Lazio; the championship is open to all trainers and teams, with no limits of products in the after market, nor concurrent brands. As for the opening race in April, in Magione, a race full of emotions, sudden changes and great show was run in Latina; Scooter Evolution Open attracted the attention for the tough challenge for victory, when Matteo Tiraferri got a splendid double win. A day rich in surprises in Scooter 100 Big Evolution Open, dominated by Alessandro Blando, twice first. A day to forget for Filippo Corsi, slackened by some falls. About forty riders of Scooter 70 Evolution Fans showed up on the track in Latina, which was divided into two groups to allow the excluded ones of the 32 riders who were admitted to starting grid at the two regular Races, to dispute two “little finals”. These “finals” allowed every rider to share fully the passion and the sacrifices on a day of motosport for the scooter races on track.


In Race 1, Tiraferri has a good sprint, followed by the Dutch Roufs and the poleman Castellini, who slides and withdraws. Tiraferri and Roufs give birth to a splendid duel till finish line with Penzo, who can end up third, despite a slide.

In Race 2 Tiraferri gets the leadership, always chased by Roufs and Castellini. After few turns, Castellini slides and starts again from the last position and crosses the finish line on tenth position. Tiraferri will win again the duel with Roufs and precedes Daniel Penzo, who focused on this Race 2. On the day podium, Tiraferri is before Roufs and Penzo.


In Race 1, lightning quick start of Mantovani before Bascherini and Grossi who cannot have a good sprint from the pole. Galbiati goes to lead the race, but will lose some positions for a drop. Good comeback of Frigé, while Mantovani escapes, followed by Grossi. In the leading group, Falardi stands out and gets the fourth place. On final sprint, at finish line Mantovani, before Grossi and Frigé.

In Race 2, Mantovani sprints first, chased by Grossi and Galbiati. Falardi finds a good pace and goes to third position. These four have a defy; Mantovani has been leading the group all race long, but on the final he has to give way to Frigé. Falardi is second and wins over Mantovani, followed by Grossi.

VESPA 185 4T:

In Race 1 Marco Caddeo sets his pace, chased by Paccagnella and Leporati. These three escape, Caddeo starts to increase his advantage and crosses the finish line on first position before Paccagnella and Leporati.

In Race 2 Caddeo starts again, followed by Marano and Leporati, who will have to fight with Paccagnella. Caddeo gets the double win of the day and precedes Marano and Leporati, while Paccagnella ends up on fourth position.


Filippo Corsi starts before everyone and drags Morelli and Blando in his trail. They gain some metres over the group through a high pace and extreme brakes on every turn. On the sixth lap, Blando goes to lead the race, followed by Corsi and Morelli who make a mistake and move some positions back. Blando leads, followed by Starnone and Vitali. Corsi tries to come back, but will end up on seventh position, while Morelli attacks until he gets to chequered flag, ends on third position, behind Starnone and Blando.

In Race 2, lightning quick start of Corsi, before Starnone and Morelli. The three riders try to distance the group. But Starnone makes a mistake and opens the door to Blando who tries to assail Corsi and overtakes him. Corsi and Starnone make a mistake and slide. The classification changes and opens the way to Morelli and Vitali, but this one makes a mistake. Blando wins over Morelli and Bartolini.


Villa and Larcher try to run away in Race 1, chased by the poleman Benini. But Villa slows down and paves the way for Benini who tries to go, followed by Larcher and Cristian Mammi. Filippo Corsi wins, Larcher is second despite the fall on the final.

In Race 2 Benini sprints before Larcher and Villa; Mammi gets fourth position. Benini and Larcher study each other and keep a high pace which allows them to gain ground over Villa. But Benini is uncatchable and manages to dominate Race 2 by preceding Larcher and Villa.


Beghelli surprises Speziale on Race 1 start who started from the pole. They are pursued by Russo who tries to force the pace and gives birth to a nice duel with Beghelli. A group of six riders takes shape, from which the Slovene Marko Mihael stands out, and after many overtakings he goes to first position and gets to chequered flag, precedes Beghelli, Russo, Calce and Martin Mihael.

In Race 2, Beghelli is again on pole position, before Russo and Speziale. Technical problems prevent Martin Mihael and Filippo Tognarelli from starting the race. The duel at race summit is very hard, showing continual position exchanges between Beghelli, Mihael and Russo. Beghelli loses concentration, makes a mistake and lets Calce run away. Beghelli will end up fourth; podium of the day for Russo, Mihael and Calce.