Polini Italian Cup: show in Latina with the first competition of the season.

Polini Italian Cup: show in Latina with the first competition of the season

New season, new emotions. With the first competition on Sunday, 16th of April at the Sagittario track in Latina, the 2023 season of the Polini Italian Cup has officially started. A day with many twists, battles and challenges up to the last cm of the asphalt, with a well-tested format: two sessions of free tests and two official qualifying tests in the morning and then two races in the afternoon. On the track together with the riders of the Polini Italian Cup there were also the protagonists of the Polini South Cup, who disputed the second meeting of the season.



In the 100 Big Evo category a very contended Race 1 with the Spanish riders starting in the lead but making some mistakes. To take advantage the Italians, with Paolo Birtele taking the first position and winning before Filippo Corsi, who ends at the second place. In the end Requena Jose regains and achieve the third position. Race 2 sees the Spanish riders prevail once again and run away. The challenge is between Roman Ignacio and Guerrero Daniel, who cannot do anything and has to settle for the second position. On the finish the third position for Birtele vanishes, although his great departure and keep the rhythm for all the race. Podium of the day: Roman (46), Birtele (94), Requena (18).



Race 1 of the 70 Amateurs category  sees a great bagarre between Simone Canali and Lorenzo Leonardi, who records fast laps and wins with a clean break. Challenge for the third position among Filippo Mantovani, Andrea Belotti and Alessandro Giuliano, but the race has been stopped just two laps to go due to a fall. Also Race 2 shows a bagarre for the first positions, with a top three which sees an exchange of positions to the sound of overtaking. The victory goes to Marco Caddeo, Michele Galullo and Lorenzo Leonardi.

On the podium of the day: Leonardi (5), Galullo (93) and Mantovani (129).


Race 1 of the 70 Supersport category sees a great start of Matteo Sauro, followed by Gabriele Rea. The two run away thanks to fast laps, but Rea is protagonist of an unbelievable slide, luckily without consequences, which sees him entering the box lane with a supersonic speed. Luca Sculco records his fastest lap trying to reach the leader Sauro, but he finishes at the second place, before Manuele Fulgeri. Race 2 has instead a bitter end for Sauro, who falls exactly when he could fight for the victory. The checkered flag sees in order Sculco, Gabriele Rea and Fulgeri.

Podium of the day: Sculco (36), Sauro (20), Fulgeri (3).



In the 70 Evolution category, a very struggled Race 1 between Luka Koren and Giuseppe Iannini, who starts well and passes the Slovenian. His rhythm is the one of a hammer, with overtaking and better timings if compared to the trials. Twist at the last lap, with Koren recording his fastest lap and wins a race which seemed to end with the victory of Iannini. Behind, even though detached, good bagarre for other positions with Marko Mihael gaining the third place. Even Race 2 is a great struggle between Iannini, who takes the lead and Mihael, faster than the first round. Koren this time seems more in trouble. Bagarre among the first three up to the final twist at the last lap: Iannini looks for the overtaking on Mihael and the two touch each other. Michael prevails and wins for only 3 thousandths.

Podium of the day: Koren (74), Mihael (77), Iannini (94).