Polini Italian Cup 2020 ADRIA


The race in Adria, on the last weekend of August, was a second race to be remembered for Polini Italian Cup 2020, a scooter championship full of technical sporting contests that are open to all various producers of components for race competitions and to the related trainers and teams. On this event, they went beyond with super Matteo Tiraferri who, after dominating the first race of mid-July in Pomposa, got a splendid double victory by winning with experience, driving skill and shrewdness in taking profit as best as possible from the battle between Corsi and Blando. All this on a day when a violent storm forced to postpone the races start and allowed riders to use slick wheels.


In Race 1 Corsi gets to lead before Blando, Starnone, Tiraferri. The first laps are marked by a series of overtakings by Starnone, Blando and Corsi, as Tiraferri controls the race near them. On the fifth lap Blando and Corsi contend the leadership, pursued by Tiraferri and Starnone, this one getting out of the fray for a technical problem. On the final, Blando and Corsi give off sparks, as Tiraferri breathes down on Blando’s neck and forces him to go beyond the limit so that he slides. Tiraferri wins before Corsi, Starnone and Blando, who restarts after the fall.

Starnone is the quickest at start of Race 2, Blando and Corsi are in the trail. But the most aggressive is Tiraferri who in a few laps is just behind Starnone who slips and leaves the way for Tiraferri and Corsi. On third lap, Corsi attacks and overtakes Tiraferri. Blando chases them and passes Tiraferri and Corsi and leads the fight for two more laps. The last deeds: Corsi and Blando bump into each other and pave the way for Tiraferri who first crosses the line.
Day podium: Tiraferri, Corsi, Blando.


In Race 1 Belardinelli has very quick start, passed by Manzo after some bends. Nardo is in the leading group and has a tough contest with Belardinelli and Sfiller. After some laps, Manzo and Nardo escape. Flaming overtakings between Belardinelli and Sfiller, who has a problem and moves back to ninth position. On the last laps Manzo, Nardo and Belardinelli contend the victory that goes to Nardo before Belardinelli and Manzo.

In Race 2 Belardinelli has a good start and is followed by Manzo and Nardo. Belardinelli tries to impose his own pace as Nardo takes second position, Manzo is behind. Belardinelli and Nardo seem to be able to run away and start to collect quickest laps, so they distance Manzo by some metres before Carminati. On the sixth lap Nardo tears the first position away from Belardinelli through an assault at the end of the straight line. Belardinelli’s reply is not late, escapes on the final and leaves Nardo and Manzo fighting for the second place.
Day podium: Belardinelli, Nardo, Manzo.


In Race 1 “Gordon” Luca Koren is off like a shot, before Zani and Marola. Zani surprises everyone and takes the leadership of race. Tit for tat between Koren and Zani, as Marola was behind. Martin Mihael has a bad start and is late, but soon recovers. Koren and Zani are still the protagonists: the two distance the others, as behind them the positions change; Beghelli has the better of Marola. Till the end, “Gordon” Luca Koren manages to repulse Zani’s attacks, who ends second and precedes Beghelli.

In Race 2 the new imperious sprint of Koren, followed by Marola, Zani and Mihael. Marola assails Koren and goes to lead the race. After Marola’s assault, Koren takes control again. Iannini takes part in the group but loses the fourth position while sliding after recording the quickest lap. Marola moves back, passed by Mihael who puts Koren in the viewfinder and overtakes him after some curves. Great final: Mihael wins before his team mate “Gordon” Koren and Zani.
Day podium: Koren, Zani, Mihael.