Polini Italian Cup 2024 : Ottobiano

Polini Italian Cup 2024 : Ottobiano

Polini Italian Cup 2024 : second stage in Ottobiano


The 2024 season of the Polini Italian Cup comes alive with the second appointment on the calendar. The race was held on Sunday, May 12th in Ottobiano and it was another day of passion for the races on track, between intense challenges and adrenaline.

Polini Italian Cup 2024 : 70 Amateurs

Cielo is the poleman of the 70 Amateurs category in Ottobiano. He starts, determined to impose himself but a sudden slide makes him get out of the game. Race 1 lights up, but after only 4 laps it is interrupted by the red flag for a fall. It starts again with a second grid given by the positions of the riders at the passage before the fall and it is reduced by one lap. Armanio wins ahead of Barbin and Querengo.
Race 2 is led by the trio as well, with the challenge for the victory between Barbin and Armanio, the latter caming second by 3 tenths. Third place for Querengo who gets it on Scaramozzino.

Day podium: Barbin, Armanio, Querengo.


Polini Italian Cup 2024 : 70 Supersport

Race 1 is carried out smoothly with the heated challenge between Fulgeri and Cimatti who run away from the rest of the group at a high pace. Fulgeri is very good in controlling Cimatti until the end. Leonardi gets the third position with detachment.
In Race 2 Leonardi starts well and sets the pace throughout the entire race. Behind him, Fulgeri climbs from the fourth position up to hook him. They struggle hard but Leonardi makes his victory by 23 thousandths of a second thanks to a super sprint. Cimatti and Canali fight for the third position. After several spectacular overtaking, Cimatti conquers the third position.

Podium of the day: Fulgeri, Leonardi, Cimatti.


Polini Italian Cup 2024 : 70 Evolution

Early start in Race 1 for the poleman Lanzilao, who gets 20 seconds of penalty. After a few laps, Iannini takes the lead of the race, followed by Ciotola, Koren and Vitali. These positions stay unchanged until the end: Lanzilao is first under the chequered flag, but the penalty take him to the 10th place.
Race 2 is absolutely breath-taking. Determined to make up for Race 1, Lanzilao leads the race for several laps but without being able to run away. Ciotola is on his tail and tries several times to attack him. There is nothing to do: Iannini takes advantage of the situation, passing Ciotola and Lanzilao, the latter losing three places in a snap after being at the head of the group. The challenge is very hot and comes alive with a series of falls that overturn the whole race. The first to leave the scene is Lanzilao, then Iannini. At this point, Ciotola and Vitali hold the reins of the game, but a lap from the end Ciotola slides and delivers the victory in the hands of Vitali. Second place for Saurus who overtakes Koren in a sprint.

Day podium: Vitali, Koren, Sauro.


Polini Italian Cup 2024 : 100 Big Evo Open e 100 Sport

Unified race for the 100 Big and 100 Sport categories.
In Race 1 Birtele starts first, followed by Corsi and Tiraferri. While Roman loses ground, Corsi tries to attack Birtele but the latter regains the lead. The challenge continues, but there is nothing to do: Birtele’s last two laps are perfect and he makes his victory followed by the two drivers of the Polini Team.
At the start of Race 2 Birtele is first, followed by Roman and Tiraferri who keep the pace and manage to make the void. Birtele tries to escape, while the fight between Roman and Tiraferri is daring. Tiraferri overtakes his competitor and Roman drops the pace. The last laps sees Birtele and Tiraferri close together, head to head, to the finish line, where the Polini Team driver is second.

For the 100 Sport category, Picciallo is the man of the day with a beautiful hat-trick: pole position and victory in both Race 1 and Race 2.

100 Big day podium: Birtele, Tiraferri, Corsi.
100 Sport day podium: Picciallo, Amico, Neri.